Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reasons Why Bum Marketing Doesn't Work Sometimes

This post is based on what i have experienced after submitting a lot of articles on

There are a lot of affiliates who rely mostly on ezinearticles to earn money online. There are even more whose affiliate marketing journey begins with promotion using

Reason Why i think article marketing using won't work for someone:

There are many articles for the same keywords so even if you have optimized your article for some phrase, it doesn't make sure you will rank high for that phrase.

There can be only one ezinearticles listing at a time so the best one(keyword density wise, counting incoming links, etc.) would probably show up.

I think its better not to rely only on this site for making money. Better to build your own website and post articles there. It will be more profitable in the long term.

These are my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Personally Tried FAP Turbo Robot - My FAPTurbo Success Story

Update: I averaged $360 this week. I am not an experienced forex trader so I am very conscious about my trades and take very little risk. Still its going great!

FAPTurbo Has Worked For me. (FapTurbo Official Web Page)

I am going to confess my secret money making method here. I will try to keep my story short. If you feel like knowing more, you can email me. I'll tell you more.

I used to work in a restaurant for 12 hours a day. I even worked on the weekends to make even more money. I gamble a lot so i had a lot of debt to pay. Thanks to these online sites, i had lost a lot of money.

Anyways, i was searching for some money making method online. Someone suggested me to try forex trading. I bought some forex training materials online. I read all of them. Forex trading sounded to be very easy to me. I thought i had got the secret i was searching for.

I made an account at and started trading. Within a week, i had lost another $1k. I was ver depressed. My debt got even bigger.

I decided i wasn't quitting this forex thing. I would give it another try. I read the forex guides i had bought once more. Then i went back to search on google about how to make money with forex risk free. I stumbled across an article at which i found very interesting.

It was about a forex trading robot which has artificial intelligence and which trades for you using the metatrader platform. One needed to have a forex account to set up this robot. I liked this robot. The robot sellers promised that it will earn hundreds of dollars for me every day depending upon certain factors. It didn't require a lot of forex trading knowledge.

I was amazed at this. I clicked the buy now button. Again a depressing time. The cost of that robot was $149. I couldn't risk another $150. I already had a lot of debt and i couldn't risk another $150. Not even 100. I pressed the back button and read that forex robot seller's website all over again.

It stated that "There was a no - questions asked Money back guarantee with this robot". Now Guess what! i was amazed again. I again went to google and checked whether the money back guarantee is legit or not. I found it to be 100% legit.

Now without wasting a minute, i went to the buy now page and paid $149 for the robot. Downloaded it and set it up with my metatrader platform at
Now i setup everything and allowed the robot to auto trade for me.

Things worked for me this time. Next day, when i woke up i had made a nice profit of $130. I was more surprised than happy. I had expected to claim the refund for that robot the next day.
But it really worked. I just couldn't believe it. The robot worked again for me. Every single day i started making $100 - $150 with it.

I have never set it up to trade forex more than a particular amount. I take calculated risks and earn $100 easily for the last few months. I am happy. I still work ocassionally on that day job but i make more money with that robot. Its called Fapturbo. Its become very popular lately but the forex trading market is big enough and there is endless profit potential. I am happy to make $100 everyday with it. I dont' risk a lot of amount with this. I am paying off my debt fast. I guess will be debt free in a few years. I am searching for even more secure money making methods now..