Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Refer New Employees - Online Job Referrals

Earn Money Referring people to Jobs Sites and Consultancies.

Do u know that u can earn easily 10000 rupees by referring a new employee to a Online Jobs site? If the person which u refer becomes an employee of a company, then u can recieve this much money directly to you. Ya, this is a very good opportunity and you can take advantage of it by referring your friends and others to the online Indian and overseas jobs sites. This is a great method of earning money online.
U can always check all the leading websites for such schemes or u can mail them and ask whether they will pay u for referring an employee in an area of high demand.
SOme of the sites i recommend are:
Yellow Jobs - i think this is best and more than enough for you to earn even a lakh a month.
This will be enough and it pays the best. But u can always check some indian and overseas sites.. Good luck!. Tell your friends about this topic if u like it or bookmark it using the button below

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Build a Website in the area of your Domain Expertise

Build a Website in the Area of your Domain Expertise - A Never Before Compilation of Ideas and Real time STEPS For building a Profitable Website

Particularly i will tell you how to build a website having a loyal user base.
You can have atleast 25000 visitors per month to your site and earn atleast $1000 monthly working few hours weekly by running a Downloads Website.
List links to Movies, TV Shows, Games, Softwares, Professional Tools, ebooks, recipes, etc on your site.
You dont need to worry where to get the download links for listing on your site.
Work very few hours per week building your website. Choose when to work.
The download files dont have to be hosted on your server and you dont need to pay a lot for the bandwidth cost. (Under $4 per month webhosting cost will be enough for you)
Just think how good it will be. You dont have to get large bandwidth like
You will WIN!
Go through all the steps and learn How i did it.

You can utilize Free File Hosting services like Rapidshare which have large user premium accounts. Rapidshare allows you to upload your files on its servers and get the link to your file. (The file can be any - upto 100 MB. If the file size is larger , you can always split it and upload it separately using some softwares like WinRAR(you search for help related to that on Google) The links to the files can be distributed on your website to your users. Only those persons can download the files which know the exact links of the file. For example the links look like this one (this is just an example link)
You can have links to any kind of files on your website
Popular Movies
Popular TV Shows
Popular Softwares
Popular PC Games
Cooking Recipe Books
Tools for professionals
You can have adult content but be careful not to have any child porn links.etc.

Note : Its your choice whether to have just Demo versions or Sharewares on your site or to have any copyrighted content. There are many websites out there but you have to assess the risks associated with it. Always have a Contact Us link on your website so that if anyone objects, you can immediately remove the link from your website. I dont recommend you for building a site containing copyrighted stuff.

Many people get links by uploading files themselves or just copy them down from other websites and list them on yours. (like from forums or other places you can copy the links if that person asks gives the consent) You can build the website having links to popular games, softwares, etc.
Getting content should not be tough for you, you can do it by a simple google search for "Rapidshare downloads" or "Game Links Rapidshare" just check if the links work or not (If the download starts, then the link is good and if it gives a msg like "File not found", then its a bad link)
Your job is to Arrange the links properly.
How to arrange the Links Properly:
For example: In Software Section:
you should have the overall Picture of the Software and a small review describing its use. (This will definitely help in search engine friendliness) Also tell about the PC Hardware requirements to run the software. This will build user loyalty.
In Movie Section:
Have the Cover Picture of the Movie:
Brief those Starring in the movie
Have a review of the movie (You can do a google search for that)
then post the link.
YOu can also have a youtube (or str8up, metacafe, etc) code embedded on your site showing a trailer of the movie to your visitors - this will be an added benefit for your users and wil build loyalty. Or you can have a video uploaded on youtube flashing your website's name. This is a good way of getting lots of visitors to your site and is a popular tactic for getting lots of visitors to your site from Youtube.
Similarly if the link is for a game, you should surely have some screenshots and a brief review. Also tell the users the Hardware Requirements for the Game.
All these measures will help you get user loyalty.

Web Hosting:
Choose your webhost carefully. It should not be too strict. (If unknowingly you post a link to a copyrighted file, you should have not your account terminated straight away. ) A web host that is very flexible is the best one for you.
Bandwidth and Storage Requirement: See, the bandwidth and storage requirement is not much here in this plan as you are hosting the files to be downloaded on Free hosting services
Only u need to have the Review Pictures of the Software, Game or Movie hosted on your site. (If you want to host them free too, you can easily do so on a Free Photobucket account, Flickr, etc.)
You need just about 10 GB of storage(it will be more than enough and you can upgrade later) for your site and very small bandwidh even if you start getting 25000 visitors a month. (Bandwidth not more than 100GB per month. You can upgrade your plan later) Check out for finding a low cost host. When u start an inexpensive plan like one under $4 per month will serve your purpose.
File Hosting On:
Rapidshare - It is the best and most reliable host in the world.
Megashare - Its good for US and EU users (but mostly it will not allow Asian or African users to download free. Asian and particularly Indian users form a big chunk of visitors)
There are many other but i dont think there is need of anymore than Rapidshare coz its the best.
Domain name (Name of your website) - Check out my previous Post "How to Choose a Domain Name" to learn how to choose a good domain name. you can register a domain name at or If you cant find a good new one, you can buy a domain name from someone else at Sedo is the leading marketplace for domain buying.

So i think u know All You Need To Know For Setting Up A Downloads Website now.

After Building a website, you need search engine optimisation so that more people find your site on the first page when they search for a term on Google or Yahoo (the most used search engines)
You need to learn a lot for optimising your website.

Try to guess what the people will search on the search engines when they want to download a file free.
Most searches will be like "Download TypingMaster Free" or "Download Free Games"
In Case of names difficult to spell(or typing errors) - you can have them listed on your site. Just set your imagination wild to find out the errors. (Google will look for words similar to what people want to know in all websites. The websites which match best with the search terms will be listed first. ) You need to list your website on many other websites to gain a good Google Page Rank. See the free directories here on another on my posts. Also tell other people about your site on popular forums - Try to list what people need. Dont spam. Try your best to popularize your site. (Word of mouth is very valuable here)

The Most Important Part is Monetizing your site - Advertising on your Site
Google Ads
are the best if you dont have any Copyrighted content on your site. You can get a free Google Adsense account. But if you are not sure about that (most probably this will be the case), you should have ads from "Adbrite"
Adbrite is very popular and you can have Ads of many types. You can get a free publisher account on Adbrite.
Other types of Ads can be Text links ads. You can sell a single Text Link on your site for about $25 per month easily on some sites if you get a few thousand visitors per month. (you can get 25000 visitors per month) You can sell many text links on your website. The best sites where you can sell links are Text Link Ads and Other ones are LinkXL, Text Link Brokers, LinkWorth, Direct Link Ads, LinkAdage,
You can also offer selling links in forums.
You can have banners promoting some clickbank products. If u sell a Clickbank Product, you get upto 75% commission. You can get a free account at and there are thousands of useful and relevant products to sell. You have access to free banners and other helpful stuff there. So there are many ways to Monetize your site.
It is usually believed that for sites offering Rapidshare Links to people, there are very few options of Monetization or Advertising. So Contrary to Popular Belief, i have listed a lot of useful options for you which will make sure that you earn atleast $1000 per month spending very less time building your site.

My Good Luck to you! I hope you get your business running soon and start earning a handsome income (more than what i listed earlier) I am willing to share any other information with you as i truely want to help anyone. If u feel like asking something from me, you can use the "Contact Me" Link on this site. I will try to reply within 1-3 days. Thanks for reading...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Earn Money Writing Abstracts online

shvoong is the Place where you can earn money writing.
It works as follows:
You write an abstract. People search it and read it. And you get paid per page impressions. Signing up is easy and Earning is easy too! Already about 130000 people are earning on shvoong. START Now~~ Click Here and Register at Shvoong

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Amazon - The reputed and popular affiliate program

Launched in 1996, Associates is's affiliate marketing program. By linking to Amazon products and services you can add compelling content for your site visitors enjoyment and receive up to 10% in referral fees for doing so.

As one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, Associates has a 10-year track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money. The latest innovations include aStore, Omakase™ Links, and Product Previews.

Current participants in the Amazon Associates program include large, well-known sites, niche content sites and blogs, comparison shopping engines, search engine marketers, and everything in between.

How the Program Works
Associates drive internet traffic to through specially formatted links that allow them to track sales and other activity.
Associates upto 10% in referral fees on all qualifying revenue made through their links.
Amazon sends monthly payments to Associates.
Once you join the program, you will get access to Associates Central, the extranet exclusive to Associates. This is the place where you will build your links, view your traffic and earnings reports, and read about the latest news and opportunities available to you through the program.

Participation is Easy and Free
Complete the online application at Amazon.
Create & post your links to using the Build Links tool in Associates Central.
Begin tracking your traffic and earnings reports online. Reports are updated daily.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Money with Blogs - Get paid per post

PayPerPost is a service which pays you for blogging about certain topics. Its a great way to make money for bloggers and article writers.

PayPerPost is the world’s largest consumer generated ad network, connecting Bloggers & Advertisers to deliver compelling online social marketing campaigns. The results are brand awareness, online buzz, increased traffic and consumer-based opinion. Hot Trends... Social media & consumer generated content is the fastest growing segment of online advertising. A July 2006 study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project concluded there were 12 million blogs with over 57 million viewers. That number grows daily, with an estimated 150,000 new blogs created each month.

Play free poker and earn money

Poker Room allows you to earn money without investments by playing Poker with other online members. Its free and its a lot of FUN!

Online Business Networking COmmunity

Just like orkut, hi5, hikut, etc. this is a specialised online Business Networking community for bloggers, businessmen, online publishers where you can share your views, seek opinions and interact with like minded people online who can help you grow your internet traffic, increase click throughs, give you advices regarding maximising google adsense earnings, and so on..

I recommend that you join the Business Social Network called ZaaBiz. Gain new business friends and grow!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

High Paying Adsense Keywords

These are high paying Keywords for Google Adsense (high priced for adwords)
The prices are not available as they keep changing rapidly with changing business scenarios.
But most are more than $4.
Note: There is a huge difference between what Google charges for Adwords and what publishers get from Adsense (These are the views of some of the highly active publishers at top web forums)

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Other Highly paying keywords used to be related to Gambling, Poker, 888, Bingo, etc. But now they are banned by law. Also previous high paying ones were sports betting, bet football, bet liverpool and similar ones.

Other highly paying ones are related to financial sector. Also
amusement parks
5 star hotel booking
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travel agencies
rent a car new york
affiliates (all kinds)

Another high paying one is Text ads or ads or display ads on my site or sell ad space
These go for about $7 to $15

Keep watching out for more information on work from home jobs and opportunities of all kinds. Thanks..