Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Popular News bookmarking Sites

Here are some Popular news bookmarking sites that are especially made to target Indian surfers. Here you can submit any news or your articles along with your website's url. There is no approval required after posting here. You can post as many stories or news as you wish. Check these out to find out more Yourself. I am mentioning all the popular Indian news submitting sites.

The links are not clickable. Just type them. These are all dot coms. Good luck!

1. - It is a site where you can submit news and stories related to India and its subcontinent.

2. Indianpad - In my view this is the best digg clone site specific to India. Here a user can also earn by showing ads on the stories submitted.

3. GyanIn - Another site with similar concept of digg.

4. Rambhai - Although having a strange name, it is also growing popular.

5. Putvote - Again a nice one. Check it our.

6. NewsCola - Its a great site. Its backed by ibibo labs which has millions of users in india. Ibibo itself has an option of starting a blog.

7. Indianbytes - This one is really great. I have seen many person using this one for submitting their articles and stories. Check this out. I am pretty sure that you will like it. You will not only like it but love it! Indianbytes posts and pages are indexed good by Google. I have personally seen many indianbytes pages being indexed on the first page and a lot more on the second page of google results.

If u know anything else, do comment here to let other fellows know about it.

Internet is a great human innovation, a great communication facilitation thing!!!!!!

Keep watching more of my researched programs and other things here..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Submit to Yahoo News - story or article

Submitting to yahoo news can help you get great "Trust Level" on Google, Yahoo, MSN and of course the other hundreds of news readers and news aggregators.

You will notice that people in the blogosphere talk rarely about the real ways of search engine optimisation. Things like directory submission, article submission have become commoditised and no longer help you command an edge over your rivals.

I really try to tell you as much as i can regarding to real link building which is quite useful even for advanced webmasters. I do try to research and list methods here. SO i found out how to submit to yahoo news. You will gain a high quality web site back link from yahoo news and build your trust level.

The information required for the article is the source, location, etc.

You first have to make sure that it will be really useful for the yahoo news readers. Try to make a compelling reason for that. If u succeed in thinking of a suitable reason, you may gain a free high quality link. Try out hiring a reputed writer for writing your news story if u dont think u can write that good. So good luck!. Keep watching for more such killing methods, programs and real money making tips here. Do Comment here.

Ya hoo news web site submission form ( link )

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Write Articles - Sell out or Submit for Daily Ad revenue

This was an email i sent to my friend George. (George owns a big and promising domain portfolio. It can be seen here.)

Article writing is simple.
Write "Keyword Rich" articles related to any niche - maybe smoking, drinking, money making, just anything from political to religious, you can write anything.
The people owning specialised article sites - like a friend of mine owns a site related to smoking deaddiction, treatment and all addiction related information. He is always in search of good article writers. So people like these are your customers. You write a big article about something, That article should be keyword rich. (I mean it should have all the important words repeated a couple of times in it which a person searching for information on google will most likely type into the search box) The site owner will buy your article and "Exclusive rights" over it. He may do anything with it. If he publishes it on his site, then it will probably get ranked well on google and other engines over a short period of time. This is because he already runs a site about that particular niche and his site is Trusted well by google. (According to SEO kings, each site has a trust level) If its keyword rich, then it may rank well and will be seen by many people who search google for information related to diverse topics.. So your article can be very profitable for that person. Especially the medical related Google Adsense Ads pay good for PPCs. I have heard from fellow webmasters that they usually average more than $1.
Thats why i say, try writing articles if u think that ur writing skills are better than many other persons.
Then u can offer to sell your article on digitalpoint forums, siteground or other forums, ebay, freelance marketplaces like guru and lots others. (Many times, I have seen less than 1000 words articles related to alcohol, debt consolidation, travel, etc. go fo $40 on some popular forums. So try this whole thing out. And there are many sites like which allow you publish articles and to put your own adsense code there. One of the units displayed near the articles at articlesbase(one of the top articles site and very good Google Page Rank for many keywords) The simplest way will be start writing and publishing articles on a Daily Basis on a site like articlesbase which allows you to put your adsense code near your articles. This way you will be ensured that your articles are seen by many persons interested in that information and you will earn good adsense revenue in the whole process.. And sites like Articlesbase are much better (as they allow you to put your own Adsense unit there) than some other sites like Helium which claim to pay "some part" of the Adsense Revenue generated from your articles or reviews.
So Good Luck.. think a bit. try out if u think its promising.. These are just my views..

Wowzza Professional Social Network - Make Money

Make money social networking with Wowzza!
The main advantage of Wowzza is that it contains a big network of Top Affiliates, Internet Marketers, Webmasters, Advertisers, Professionals, etc.
Wowzza pays you upto $80000 to be a Networking Superstar. Ya! Thats what it claims.

Now let me tell you about some Wowzza features.

  • Build Networks
  • Create Blogs
  • Audio, Video, Photo Albums
  • Members Groups
  • Exclusive Benefits for Members like Network Marketing, Compensation Plan, Live Voice, Chat Room, Wowzza! Events and Advertising Discounts.

You get paid for referring other members and building an organisation. Wowzza! Thats a lot of money!!

  • 3X9 Forced Matrix Compensation Plan.
  • No Sponsoring Required to Earn an Income.
  • Weekly Fast Cash Bonuses.
  • $80,000 Per Month Potential.

Wowzza! ia a Social Network with a very serious income opportunity, you will not get paid pennies for clicks, ratings, profile ads or even a basic affiliate plan for referring others, those are all very nice, but only at Wowzza! can you build a profitable home business that can pay you a full time income, well into 6 figures a year, just for being a Social Networking Super Star.

How to Join?

To sign up for Wowzza! and start making serious money, you need a referral link. You will find one referral link at my friend's page here.

So good luck with your social networking! Start making money by referring other people now! If u have any questions, you can email me here

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Build Amazon Products Store with Associate-o-matic in Minutes

Build a custom Amazon Associate Store with 1000's of items in minutes. Endless potential income.
Check out Associate-o-matic Now! offers an amazing affiliate program where you earn up to10% for every sale generated from your website/blog. They take care of order processing, collecting the money, and shipping the product to the customer.The problem is it can take a lot of time and programming expertise to create a complete store from which to begin selling.With Associate-O-Matic you can build a standalone store or add ashopping area to an existing website or blog.

There are many people selling such Amazon Products website today at various Forums like Digitalpoint, siteground, etc. but Associate-o-matic is what they themselves use to build such sites: You too can make and sell such sites.

Advantages of Associate-o-matic:

  • Simple Setup
  • Installs in minutes with no programming or database
  • Customizable
  • Control the look and feelfrom top to bottom
  • Profitable
  • Turn your visitors into buyers
  • Huge Selection
  • Choose from thousands of items across hundreds of categories
  • Integrated
  • Uses your domain namethroughout
  • Affordable
  • Free and paid versions makeit accessible to anyone

Sell Published Creations and Books with

If u want to Publish your Own Work online or in real book format, Then has all the single window solutions for you - from designing, hosting, printing, marketing, etc. And u dont need to pay!

I am happy to bring you this knowledge. There are many successful publishers already at Lulu.

Lulu will help you to market your finished product globally - it has all the tools necessary for you to publish your work. Now here is an imagination about what u can publish:

Publish your own Comic Book if you have any imaginary Characters.

Your own Calendar - Possible at Lulu!

Publish your own Photo Book (If u are a good photographer and you recently went to a scenic place, then why not sell out some of the photos by publishing a photo book? is perfect to let you do everything from start to end. All the marketing support is provided at LuLu.

If you are a cartoonist or love making funny or other mythological characters, then why not publish your own cartoon book, photo book, kids comics, comic book, mythological character book free at Lulu.

If you want to get into Poster Printing Business, then Lulu can help you do just that too.. Get the image which u want to develop as a poster and Lulu will help you With everything else. So why not monetize that image of a hot celebrity which u took recently?? Go do it at Lulu.

Vintage Publishing - Scan and Digitize your old books, albums and photos - Lulu will help you do that too.

And much more: Its really interesting. Check out the Lulu site

Here is what Lulu has for beginners:

Just upload your manuscript, photos or digital files, use our formatting tools to get everything set up just the way you want, from size to binding to cover art, and... well, that's it. You're the proud parent of a brand new digital creation, ready to publish and cherish. The publishing process couldn't be easier.
Create a keepsake just for yourself, full of favorite photos or your own stories. You'll end up with a professional-looking finished product that's a match for anything you'll find on the shelf at your local bookstore.
Lulu offers free book publishing services. No set-up fees. Ever. We make the book publishing process simple.

Good Luck!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finance for your business or debt restructuring

Here is a great program about people to people loans.
Its called prosper. See it here
People who seek loans set their own interest rate here and the lender chooses whom to lend. A lender can sort by "interest rate" to lend and can lend to many persons. For example a lender may lend $50 to many persons. And a borrower may get his required $1000 from as much as 20 different people. This way the risk is spread too.
If someone doesnt repay the loan, then the same credit recovery agencies will chase him down.
You can refinance your bad debt here by getting loans upto as much as $25000 or more. Infact there are many people currently doing it on prosper. See the whole schematic here.
The company is reputed and founded by an ex ceo of a global company.
You can also get finance here for starting a new web based business.
If u have some money for investing, you can invest it here on Prosper. You can invest your money in a number of persons having different reasons to borrow and different Rates of interest.
you may get as much as 25% interest on Prosper.

So this way you can become a lender or borrower at - a both way beneficial relationship. Sign up for Prosper here.
Prosper charges a small percentage of interest as its fee.

Social Networking Money. Do what u do at Myspace or Facebook for Real Money

This is not a review but a just conveying of information about a "seemingly good" money making opportunity on the internet.
Its called and it pays you for referals, activity and much more. so i guess it may be time to make a free account on and make money online doing what u enjoy - Social Networking - chatting, inviting, blogging - all with your friends!!

Yuwie seems to be an Highly Advertisements Supported Networking Space.

Do study a lot about it without spending your time. But i have heard from my readers that its currently really paying money to persons who have accumulated enough money in their Yuwie account. So its paying currently!

What Yuwie is all about?
Its about sending referals to Yuwie. When u sign up, you have the option of inviting people to join Yuwie. You just have to send your link or put up an already built banner on Your Myspace Profile or your blog. Its as simple as it looks. As your referred members increase and there is more activity, you make more money. Your income may reach thousands per month according to Yuwie developer team. Sign up for Yuwie here.
And post here on your opinion or progress at Yuwie to less other fellow readers know about the actual reality and ground conditions or if there is any catch.. Good luck..

How do you get paid at Yuwie?
You get paid by Paypal or by check.