Sunday, March 23, 2008

Virgin India - Get paid to recieve calls


Get paid to receive calls – Virgin Mobile

Customers will get 10 paise credit for every in-coming minute they receive from any network. This credit can be recieved in cash but it can only be used to make calls anywhere even STD or ISD Calls. For proper details, check out the virgin website.

Easy Handset upgrades:

Virgin Mobile is India's first CDMA service where all customers will be on RUIM (SIM)-based

phones, thereby giving them the convenience of upgrading their phones without having to change their number or re-enter their address book.

True Care:

All Virgin Mobile customers will be called back by the same call center agent to address their query.

Call more for less

– After the 1 st 2 mins of calls each day (which will be charged at Re1) all Virgin Mobile customers nation- wide will automatically be able to call any local network at any time of day for only 50 paise per minute with no commitment or extra charge

One Touch access to V-Bytes:

100% of Virgin Mobile-branded handsets will have a simple one-touch access button that takes customers directly to our unique VBytes portal.

Safe Secrets:

All Virgin Mobile RUIM (SIM) cards will have a secret folder where SMSs can be stored and password-locked to keep them safe from prying eyes.

'100% colour, 100% FM' handsets:
Virgin Mobile is the only CDMA mobile service brand to offer its customers a handset range that is both 100% colour and 100% FM-radio enabled.

100% Bling:

Virgin Mobile offers India's first mirror finished clam shell phone with dual screens for less than Rs. 2500.

Unlimited access to V-Bytes for a simple daily charge:

Virgin Mobile customers can enjoy unlimited access to our unique VBytes data portal, including free Virgin- selected content, for a simple daily charge of only Rs.5.

TGI weekend Bolt-on : Virgin Mobile customers can enjoy a weekend of extreme calling and texting by paying only Re18 to get 100 local SMS and all local mobile calls at 30 paise from Friday to Sunday.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Google Adsense For Videos - InVideo Ads for Webmasters

Google has Launced Adsense For Video called InVideo. Currently Large Advertisers from US are eligible to display ads on Videos. Publishers can start earning from This Format for videos. It pays on both CPM and CPC basis to webmasters. So webmasters having video focused sites can drastically increase their adsense revenue by signing up for the Video Ads.

See the Official Youtube Video To learn everything you need to know to start earning from The New Video Ads. Good Luck!