Friday, December 14, 2007

GAMING PAYS!! Earn Money Gaming MMO like World Of Warcraft, Everquest, Everquest2, Dark Age Of Camelot, Runescape and Lots More!!

Do you like Playing Games on your PC or Playstation?
Do you know that you can also earn money from gaming? Unlimited income potential!!

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This is a picture of WOW - World of Warcraft. This game has more than 8 million subscribers worldwide. This is a massively multiplayer game on which about 2000 players play at one time along with each other in one server. And there are hundreds of servers. Just guess how many players play at a time.
But there is a $15 per month subscription.

Just get membership - i suggest try out a month or just read this first. Then all you have to do is get the in-game points which are called gold. You get this in-game gold or points by killing monsters, mining, making weapons in game or anything like that which is built into the game.

There are many players in the game from countries like USA, Europe who will pay you real dollars to buy your points or gold. Actually one gets addicted to gaming by playing such online games and is ready to pay money for buying in game items like swords, magic spells, mounts, Weapons or even your Account for $500!!! Or if you are entrepreunial, you can start your website selling gold or in game items for real money.
So Here lies the trick to make money.
Just check out this website which buys World of Warcraft gold from you for real dollars.

Research a bit by searching "world of warcraft gold" or "wow gold" on google and then start your gaming career.

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