Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dropshippers for your Ebay BUSINESS

What are Drop shippers?
Drop shippers allow you to list items for sale and find out what sells or doesn’t sell. Your only risk is the listing fees that eBay charges. You don’t have to buy large amounts of product before you know if you can sell it our not. Another advantage of drop shippers is that they inventory the product for you and will ship it to your customer. If you want to be successful on eBay then you must find out what products are in demand and then find a reliable source for the product.

Finding the top selling items on eBay is a must if you want to make money on eBay. There are some products that have way too much competition and others that are perfect little niches. Finding those products that are in high demand is essential to becoming an eBay power seller.
Examine eBay Pulse - The eBay pulse page shows which products are searched for most on eBay. The top 10 searches for each category are show and the top 10 suppliers of this product on eBay are also shown. This page is extremely valuable for finding the hot products to sell on eBay. Find a category that you are interested in and find out what the top searches are within this category. Then look at each of the top sellers for this product on eBay. You can learn a great deal from other seller’s listings. After you find a product that is in high demand then you need to find a reliable wholesale source for the product.
It took me several years before I found a reliable wholesale source for the product I was interested in selling. I found that a certain bedding product was very hot but I couldn’t find a good wholesale supplier of this hot product. I looked on the internet and searched for wholesale sources but most required that I have a business license or buy a certain amount of product each order. Since I was just starting off on eBay I did not want to commit to buying large quantities of product. I then found a drop ship company that had the product I wanted and would inventory and ship the product to my customers. All I had to do was list the product for sale on eBay and then pay for the product after I make a sale.
Nowadays I am selling everything from Hardware like Nintendo Wii, Xbox Consoles, Sony ps3, Audio Players, Video Cameras, Cosmetics, etc. Here is a reliable drop shipper which i use to sell tons of goods on Ebay. Dont waste anymore time as time is the most important thing. Sign up with this dropshipper now!
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The decorative goods sell a lot on ebay. So is the case with the lighting products.
I also sell some ebooks for about $3 each. I get these ebooks for free. So no Inventory costs!!
Even if i sell a dozen daily, its good bucks with no input costs(just the listing and final value fees on ebay)
You can’t beat this type of setup when you are first starting off. Drop shippers are an excellent way to find products that sell on eBay without having to buy the product first.
So look forward to having your own EBAY Store some day and earn big.

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