Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finance for your business or debt restructuring

Here is a great program about people to people loans.
Its called prosper. See it here
People who seek loans set their own interest rate here and the lender chooses whom to lend. A lender can sort by "interest rate" to lend and can lend to many persons. For example a lender may lend $50 to many persons. And a borrower may get his required $1000 from as much as 20 different people. This way the risk is spread too.
If someone doesnt repay the loan, then the same credit recovery agencies will chase him down.
You can refinance your bad debt here by getting loans upto as much as $25000 or more. Infact there are many people currently doing it on prosper. See the whole schematic here.
The company is reputed and founded by an ex ceo of a global company.
You can also get finance here for starting a new web based business.
If u have some money for investing, you can invest it here on Prosper. You can invest your money in a number of persons having different reasons to borrow and different Rates of interest.
you may get as much as 25% interest on Prosper.

So this way you can become a lender or borrower at - a both way beneficial relationship. Sign up for Prosper here.
Prosper charges a small percentage of interest as its fee.

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