Sunday, April 6, 2008

Social Networking Money. Do what u do at Myspace or Facebook for Real Money

This is not a review but a just conveying of information about a "seemingly good" money making opportunity on the internet.
Its called and it pays you for referals, activity and much more. so i guess it may be time to make a free account on and make money online doing what u enjoy - Social Networking - chatting, inviting, blogging - all with your friends!!

Yuwie seems to be an Highly Advertisements Supported Networking Space.

Do study a lot about it without spending your time. But i have heard from my readers that its currently really paying money to persons who have accumulated enough money in their Yuwie account. So its paying currently!

What Yuwie is all about?
Its about sending referals to Yuwie. When u sign up, you have the option of inviting people to join Yuwie. You just have to send your link or put up an already built banner on Your Myspace Profile or your blog. Its as simple as it looks. As your referred members increase and there is more activity, you make more money. Your income may reach thousands per month according to Yuwie developer team. Sign up for Yuwie here.
And post here on your opinion or progress at Yuwie to less other fellow readers know about the actual reality and ground conditions or if there is any catch.. Good luck..

How do you get paid at Yuwie?
You get paid by Paypal or by check.

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