Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Write Articles - Sell out or Submit for Daily Ad revenue

This was an email i sent to my friend George. (George owns a big and promising domain portfolio. It can be seen here.)

Article writing is simple.
Write "Keyword Rich" articles related to any niche - maybe smoking, drinking, money making, just anything from political to religious, you can write anything.
The people owning specialised article sites - like a friend of mine owns a site related to smoking deaddiction, treatment and all addiction related information. He is always in search of good article writers. So people like these are your customers. You write a big article about something, That article should be keyword rich. (I mean it should have all the important words repeated a couple of times in it which a person searching for information on google will most likely type into the search box) The site owner will buy your article and "Exclusive rights" over it. He may do anything with it. If he publishes it on his site, then it will probably get ranked well on google and other engines over a short period of time. This is because he already runs a site about that particular niche and his site is Trusted well by google. (According to SEO kings, each site has a trust level) If its keyword rich, then it may rank well and will be seen by many people who search google for information related to diverse topics.. So your article can be very profitable for that person. Especially the medical related Google Adsense Ads pay good for PPCs. I have heard from fellow webmasters that they usually average more than $1.
Thats why i say, try writing articles if u think that ur writing skills are better than many other persons.
Then u can offer to sell your article on digitalpoint forums, siteground or other forums, ebay, freelance marketplaces like guru and lots others. (Many times, I have seen less than 1000 words articles related to alcohol, debt consolidation, travel, etc. go fo $40 on some popular forums. So try this whole thing out. And there are many sites like which allow you publish articles and to put your own adsense code there. One of the units displayed near the articles at articlesbase(one of the top articles site and very good Google Page Rank for many keywords) The simplest way will be start writing and publishing articles on a Daily Basis on a site like articlesbase which allows you to put your adsense code near your articles. This way you will be ensured that your articles are seen by many persons interested in that information and you will earn good adsense revenue in the whole process.. And sites like Articlesbase are much better (as they allow you to put your own Adsense unit there) than some other sites like Helium which claim to pay "some part" of the Adsense Revenue generated from your articles or reviews.
So Good Luck.. think a bit. try out if u think its promising.. These are just my views..


Anonymous said...

This information is incorrect, doesn't allow you to place your AdSense code.

mani said...

No i am sure i allows you to add your own adsense code to your articles. You can check it properly again, i am sure you might be mistaken. Try out again..