Friday, April 25, 2008

Some Popular News bookmarking Sites

Here are some Popular news bookmarking sites that are especially made to target Indian surfers. Here you can submit any news or your articles along with your website's url. There is no approval required after posting here. You can post as many stories or news as you wish. Check these out to find out more Yourself. I am mentioning all the popular Indian news submitting sites.

The links are not clickable. Just type them. These are all dot coms. Good luck!

1. - It is a site where you can submit news and stories related to India and its subcontinent.

2. Indianpad - In my view this is the best digg clone site specific to India. Here a user can also earn by showing ads on the stories submitted.

3. GyanIn - Another site with similar concept of digg.

4. Rambhai - Although having a strange name, it is also growing popular.

5. Putvote - Again a nice one. Check it our.

6. NewsCola - Its a great site. Its backed by ibibo labs which has millions of users in india. Ibibo itself has an option of starting a blog.

7. Indianbytes - This one is really great. I have seen many person using this one for submitting their articles and stories. Check this out. I am pretty sure that you will like it. You will not only like it but love it! Indianbytes posts and pages are indexed good by Google. I have personally seen many indianbytes pages being indexed on the first page and a lot more on the second page of google results.

If u know anything else, do comment here to let other fellows know about it.

Internet is a great human innovation, a great communication facilitation thing!!!!!!

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