Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sell Published Creations and Books with

If u want to Publish your Own Work online or in real book format, Then has all the single window solutions for you - from designing, hosting, printing, marketing, etc. And u dont need to pay!

I am happy to bring you this knowledge. There are many successful publishers already at Lulu.

Lulu will help you to market your finished product globally - it has all the tools necessary for you to publish your work. Now here is an imagination about what u can publish:

Publish your own Comic Book if you have any imaginary Characters.

Your own Calendar - Possible at Lulu!

Publish your own Photo Book (If u are a good photographer and you recently went to a scenic place, then why not sell out some of the photos by publishing a photo book? is perfect to let you do everything from start to end. All the marketing support is provided at LuLu.

If you are a cartoonist or love making funny or other mythological characters, then why not publish your own cartoon book, photo book, kids comics, comic book, mythological character book free at Lulu.

If you want to get into Poster Printing Business, then Lulu can help you do just that too.. Get the image which u want to develop as a poster and Lulu will help you With everything else. So why not monetize that image of a hot celebrity which u took recently?? Go do it at Lulu.

Vintage Publishing - Scan and Digitize your old books, albums and photos - Lulu will help you do that too.

And much more: Its really interesting. Check out the Lulu site

Here is what Lulu has for beginners:

Just upload your manuscript, photos or digital files, use our formatting tools to get everything set up just the way you want, from size to binding to cover art, and... well, that's it. You're the proud parent of a brand new digital creation, ready to publish and cherish. The publishing process couldn't be easier.
Create a keepsake just for yourself, full of favorite photos or your own stories. You'll end up with a professional-looking finished product that's a match for anything you'll find on the shelf at your local bookstore.
Lulu offers free book publishing services. No set-up fees. Ever. We make the book publishing process simple.

Good Luck!

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