Saturday, February 2, 2008

High Paying Adsense Keywords

These are high paying Keywords for Google Adsense (high priced for adwords)
The prices are not available as they keep changing rapidly with changing business scenarios.
But most are more than $4.
Note: There is a huge difference between what Google charges for Adwords and what publishers get from Adsense (These are the views of some of the highly active publishers at top web forums)

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Other Highly paying keywords used to be related to Gambling, Poker, 888, Bingo, etc. But now they are banned by law. Also previous high paying ones were sports betting, bet football, bet liverpool and similar ones.

Other highly paying ones are related to financial sector. Also
amusement parks
5 star hotel booking
hotel los angeles
travel agencies
rent a car new york
affiliates (all kinds)

Another high paying one is Text ads or ads or display ads on my site or sell ad space
These go for about $7 to $15

Keep watching out for more information on work from home jobs and opportunities of all kinds. Thanks..

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