Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to Make Money and Traffic with Blogs

This guide will tell you how to make money with Blogs and How to Get a lot of traffic for your Blog
What is a blog?
A blog is where a person writes about a given subject and makes posts on this subject for people to read and comment. For example and are both blogs.

You can set up your blog free using your Google Account at or You can also go for your own paid blog hosting.

Traffic Methods:

Unique, Exciting Posts - Make valuble posts that are your own. People want unique content! Make sure you write about things that people will want to read about too!
Pay For Links - Although companies like Google don’t always appreciate it, you can buy links from websites to increase your backlinks and your traffic. Places like Adbrite are recommended for this sort-of thing, because you could probably get links for as cheap as $3 a month.
Forums - Post your blog on big forums such as Digital Point or Namepros. Put it in your signature. Also, if these forums have a feed reader, you can put in the Feed URL of your blog and the title of your latest blog entry will show up under your username!
Social Networking - Submit your website to your own profile in places like Digg, StumbleUpon and Get other people to do the same for you too
Ping - Ping your websites often. This will submit your latest posts to the Search Engines so they can be found on places like Google. Google Search for tutorials on how to ping your website.

Now you know how to get traffic, you probably want to make money from it.
Here is some tips:

Pay-Per-Click Programs - Google Adsense is one of these PPC Programs. This is where you get paid for every click you get on the ads. This can be effective for blogs if optimized well, and if the blog gets traffic.

Sell Blog Posts - If you’re getting a lot of traffic, you may find that some people want to pay you to have a blog post on your blog. This takes minimal effort, and you get paid to do it! This is probably the best way to make money from a blog!

Sell Links - If your website has good traffic and has a PageRank, you could sell links into your Blog Roll and make some money each money

Affiliate Programs - You can signup to affiliate programs and make a blog post with the link in it. That way, people may signup with your link and you can enjoy the rewards.

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