Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Money and Advertising With Proxies

Setting up and How to Make Money with Proxies

Proxies are very common subject. They are mainly used in schools and workplaces to get around the internet filters, so users can go on any website they like in these places.

Although they’re so common, it isn’t really a saturated niche because once a proxy is found out and blocked, more need to be created so users can still access.

Proxies can make money like any normal site, but you have to be careful where you advertise them, and how you make money from them.

Firstly, you need to setup a Google Adsense account. You can do so from the link in the sidebar. You may also want an Adbrite account for the proxified pages.

I recommend that you follow the Adsense tutorial in the Pay Per Click category to find out where to place the Google Adsense Ads. Make sure you don’t don’t place these ads on the proxified pages because Google will ban you, as it is against their ToS. Thats why you need an Adbrite account, for these pages.

So once you have your Google Ads on your homepage, and in a decent placement, and have Adbrite ads on your proxified pages (Search on google for tutorials on how to do this), you’re ready to begin advertising and making money!

Advertising Methods

  • Other Proxies - Exchange links with other proxies, such as getting them to place yours in the “Proxy Network” section if their template has it.
  • Directories - Submit your proxy to directories. You could probably find Proxy Directories too which is like a normal directory, but only for proxies.
  • Toplists - Make sure you submit your website to proxy toplists. All you normally have to do is put a linkback to them on your site, and this is so it can judge the traffic they get. A toplist is a list of the most popular proxies signed up to that site, so if you can get others to vote for you, you can make a bit of traffic from these.
  • Social Bookmarking - One of my favourite methods of advertising. This is because its so easy and quick to do! You could even use exchange methods like Exchange social bookmarking with others and you can get a lot of traffic!
  • MySpace - Suprisingly, this a great way to advertise a proxy. All you have to do is get a lot of friends on your MySpace account, and when the time is right, tell them about a new site you’ve found that lets you go on MySpace at school. Make sure you don’t sound like an advertisement, make the post tell them that you’re a real person who’s just informing them about it.
  • Yahoo! Groups - Join in Yahoo! Groups to advertise. If you can find a group about proxies that has a lot of members joined, this can be the most effective method there is for a proxy.
  • Newsletters - If you know of someone who runs a Proxy Newsletter, you could pay a bit of money (Depending on the amount of subscribers) to have your link put in it. If it has a lot of subscribers (40,000+) then you can get tons of traffic this way.
  • Word-Of-Mouth - If you know of a lot of people who are still at school, make sure you tell them about your site. You’ll be suprised how fast it goes around.

There you have it, a whole range of advertising methods for your proxy. When you have traffic aimed at this specific market, you’ll find that you have a good amount of clicks hopefully

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