Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pay to join Survey Sites a Scam??

Are the Pay to Join Online Survey Sites scams??

People are attracted to many get rich quick opportunities available on internet, thinking that they can make fast money with no or very little work online. The scammers take advantage of this common desire, that is why it is important to know more about such scams. In some areas of online opportunities we find more scams like paid surveys, get paid to shop, get paid to surf, multi-level marketing, illegal pyramid schemes, high yield investment programs etc. Let us have a look at the opportunities in case of paid surveys.

Most paid surveys are highly promoted scams. You must have come across claims by companies that offer opportunities where you can make $100 per hour by filling simple forms. People are normally asked to pay $ 30-50 and are given a list of companies that offer online paid survey opportunities. These companies do not take any fee from people rather they pay to the participants who complete the surveys. They are paid based on certain factors like age, demographics, gender etc.

The sure way to know that they are scam is to see that they ask for some fee to join or to become a member. Even if they are free to join do not forget to see the clause that they will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your prior permission. Many companies just collect personal information and sell them to other marketers. Some companies ask one time payment or a subscription fee to give access to the list of companies or the database which if you search, you can find free on internet.

Many of such companies look legitimate as they display many convincing testimonials from satisfied customers. However you may find that most of them will simply not pay anything for the job done by people. Many will not give any cash payment, instead they may give gift vouchers, meal coupons etc. Some lucky people can manage to get some regular income with lot of hard work and patience. However you can never make sufficient money so that you can think of leaving your current day job. It will just remain a little extra income.

So, if you are really interested in making good income from online opportunities, direct your efforts in the areas like making money from AdSense, affiliate programs or from your own information or product etc and keep away from obvious scams. Good programs will offer you lots to learn which can become an important asset to make money consistently in future.

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