Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to Choose a Web Domain

Choosing a Web Domain

Now when you’re about to start a new website, the web domain is extremely important. For example, I think you should realise that is a lot more memorable than This tutorial should give you tips that you should consider when you’re about to register one.

Short - Keep the domain quite short. Not only will it be more memorable and catchy, but if you were to sell it in future, you’d get a lot more from the domain

Domain Extension - Choose a memorable and popular extension for the domain. .in’s and .travel’s may be related to the website but they just aren’t popular enough. .com’s are certainly the best because when people are about to visit a new website, they immediately think .com. You really don’t want to lose visitors because of this

Related to your website - Even if does sound good, its a good idea to make the domain similar to the website, because its pretty much common sense!

Appraisals - Some more experienced webmasters may give you an appraisal of how much they think the website is worth before you actually register it. Be careful though, if its a worth a lot, quite a few people will do the sneaky thing of registering it before you!

The Latest Fashion - Just like in real life, you can get domain fashions too! Such as domains that start with an i are quite popular at the moment because of the company called Apple who call most of their products with i at the start, so everyone wants to register a domain for their next product to sell for loads of money!

- and _’s are a no-go - Whatever you do, in a domain, never ever use a hyphon or an underscore in the domain. Not only does it lower the value of the domain dramatically, but it also makes it less memorable!

Thank you for reading the tips for choosing a good domain name, and good luck when choosing your next domain names. High Traffic leads to better money and valuation of your domain name.
Domain names can be registered for about $8 per year for .com ones and lesser for some like .info and .in If you are lucky and hard working enough to discover a domain name which sounds great and is good for an upcoming website of just any type, then a buyer may pay you thousands of dollars for your domain. That way you make a lot of profit. But what you need is better study of keywords (you can view the highly paid and searched keywords. i have a special post here on this site.) Also you need to keep searching for availability of good domains. I have already discussed how to Choose a Good Web Domain. Sometimes you may discover very good names in a minute.. that has happened with me. So if you think you are ready to start registering domains for a big profit on selling them, then search for domain name registration and Google may give you some nice options where to register a good name. Good luck for your domain investing business!

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