Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Refer New Employees - Online Job Referrals

Earn Money Referring people to Jobs Sites and Consultancies.

Do u know that u can earn easily 10000 rupees by referring a new employee to a Online Jobs site? If the person which u refer becomes an employee of a company, then u can recieve this much money directly to you. Ya, this is a very good opportunity and you can take advantage of it by referring your friends and others to the online Indian and overseas jobs sites. This is a great method of earning money online.
U can always check all the leading websites for such schemes or u can mail them and ask whether they will pay u for referring an employee in an area of high demand.
SOme of the sites i recommend are:
Yellow Jobs - i think this is best and more than enough for you to earn even a lakh a month.
This will be enough and it pays the best. But u can always check some indian and overseas sites.. Good luck!. Tell your friends about this topic if u like it or bookmark it using the button below

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